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Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Courtesey of Booker Rising
Mayor: New Orleans To Be "Chocolate" Again
Mayor Ray Nagin told a crowd at a Martin Luther King Day march that the city will be "chocolate" again. "We ask black people...It's time for us to come together. It's time for us to rebuild New Orleans — the one that should be a chocolate New Orleans," said the moderate Democrat. "This city will be a majority African American city. It's the way God wants it to be. You can't have New Orleans no other way. It wouldn't be New Orleans." The city was more than 60% black before Hurricane Katrina displaced about three-quarters of its population, but spared several mostly white neighborhoods.There's more. Mayor Nagin also suggests that recent hurricane destruction is a sign that "God is mad at America," for the war in Iraq, but also mad at black communities for tearing ourselves apart with crime and divisive politics.

Why is it when mayor Nagin suggest NO remain a chocolate city every one is up in arms? The Mayor is looking to preserve the history of black culture and then he gets ripped apart by the same people he is seeking to help. Based on some of the responses I have to wonder what kind of what kind of pathetic condition black people are truly in.

A couple of questions for those critical of Nagin.

Does the builing of a chocolate city exclude other ethnic groups in particular?

Is the rest of the country specifically exluding minorities(blacks) from positions of authority?

Simply basing ones response on the outcome of the population blacks in NO is peanuts in comparison to the Caucasian country as a whole. It's like saying because a majority of the political leaders in America are white America is racist. As such blacks critical of Nagin's suggestion are being petty about racism in our country. Of course the alternative is that there is no racism involved in re-establishing a chocolate city

Why can't black people stand up and do the same on a national level? Or at least get behind each other. We are crabs when it comes to our own people but when it comes to stand up to a real bully we cower like lap dogs. PATHETIC!

Wednesday, January 11, 2006

It feels like it has been a millenium since I've had the time to get a internet fix. I'm not back to because of a New Year resolution. I 've just been battling poverty and the life of the unemployed. Its funny how a slight change in employment has changed so much of my views. I'm not exactly sure just how yet, but I'm sure it has. I mean other than the constant thought of working minimum wage job for the rest of my life. Then there is the thought of having waisted perfectly good years of my life to get a college degree. Maybe it wouldn't be so obvious if I didn't apply to Smalmart during the Christmas season. People always say "Smalmart has benefits doesn't it?" The benefit of seasonal work with no healthcare! Them mofos offered me a job for $7.00 an hour I'm dead serious! Actually it was more like $6.75 They told me I would get the extra 75 cents if I show them my proof of being in the military.

I suppose it is not all bad, my free time has given me the oppurtunity to get a better grip on which direction my life is headed. I didn't leave my old job without a small savings and fortunately I have parents. I can definately see how life can get awful in a hurry.

1. I have come to realize a few things about my life. I can't just be rich I need wealth. I've been f'ing up the chances I've been getting. Rich means having something for a day or maybe a few years. Wealthy means handling your business and establishing a life style that can be maintained and I meant to separate Life and Style meaning a style that exist over the period of ones life.

2. People that don't own their own residence don't need to have a new car.
Paying for a new car when you don't own a home is suicide. When time is money it takes a whole lotta time for $7 an hour to add up. I figure if I keep my modestly priced vehicle which may cost about $400 month including insurance. It only takes half a month to keep up on it not including gas. I would need more than a 40 hr work week to pay for the vehicle. Oh yeah part timers don't get 40 hrs because if you work that much the company has to pay benefits. So instead you get 39 hours a week.

3. Not having health benefits sucks really bad!
Financial Catastrophe can be attained through one semi bad accident. I'm afraid to cross the street for fear I might have to go to the emergency room. I don't know about you all but $400.00 for an ambulance ride is forced robbery and then there is the actual emergency room visit which is usually another $400.00. Not to mention the medication which can be another $200.00.
$1000.00 just to ride in the ambulance and be seen by an ER Resident and a pack of antibiotics all because a player slipped on some stairs can easily ruin a financial quarter. It would take a month of $7 an hour work to pay for that accident.

4. Everybody that is claiming the economy is on an upswing because unemployment is down and there are more jobs thanks a lot! Those jobs that GM used to have in the U.S. now supply healthcare to the Mexicans Chinese and other non Americans. Meanwhile my job Smalmart only allows me to work 39 hours a week so the big guys can get bigger christmas bonuses. Capitalism is the best!

Tuesday, November 15, 2005

You are a

Social Conservative
(35% permissive)

and an...

Economic Moderate
(55% permissive)

You are best described as a:


Link: The Politics Test on Ok Cupid
Also: The OkCupid Dating Persona Test

Friday, September 30, 2005

While reviewing this blogsite I wanted to capture it because the words take how I feel about the Iraq war. The blog is called The Life of Brian written by a 23 year old Iraqi veteran. It highlights a soldiers perspective on justifying the politics of our leaders. Another reason why it is important to be involved in the elections of government officials and leaders. I am certainly not in a position to solidly discredit the actions nor uphold these actions in high esteem. I can with out a doubt say that there are questions lingering in my mind why we are there.

By Brian

What makes the "war on terror" and "terrorists" so easy to fight is that terrorism is constructed to be totally unjustified (that may be the only solid part of any definition of terrorism). Terrorist, works, as a label, just like commie, Charlie/Vietcong, nigger, dyke, fag, ect. The titles delegitimize the existence of the humanity of the “other” and label their actions as forbidden. Resistance fighters are terrorists whether they attack U.S. soldiers, Iraqi National forces, or civilians. We label the “other” this way precisely because it allows us to view them as lesser people, and I would argue to see them as not human. To label the enemy as resistance fighters, militants, or anything of the like allows for the “other” to exist as human.

There is an element to which I understand why the soldier must rob the other of their humanity. To face the enemy day in and day out as a worthy human opponent with moral aims just like yours, would be maddening. To acknowledge the humanity of every person you killed or kill as the same as yours would drive anyone to drop their weapons where they stand. In many ways to see the “other”
as a nonhuman terrorist is a mental survival tactic. Without it militaries/wars couldn’t exist due to a realization of how the horrors of war were being waged
on those just like us.

In much the same way to view the “other” as nonhuman, as terrorist, allows collective society to stomach the horrors of war. And that is also what makes the “war on terror” so palatable, the enemy, the “other,” is so vaguely defined it allows us to kill virtually anyone in the spirit of the “war on terror” and legitimize their deaths.

I have not posted the blog in its entirety click the following link to get it from the horses mouth.


Friday, September 09, 2005

8 Tips On How To Avoid...
...Dealing With Racial Dimensions of the New Orleans Tragedy, As Taught To Me By Television And The Web:

1. Admit that poverty disproportionately affects Black people, but DO NOT think about why that is.

2. This is not the appropriate time for questions. The appropriate time for questions is when nobody cares anymore.

3. Take anything that has racial implications off the table (try saying something about "not playing the race card"), then make a big deal about how what remains is not racist.

4. All Black people are to be held accountable for the actions of all other Black people.
We White folks are reasonable people after all...If they want our help, all we ask in return is that no Black person ever do anything bad.

5. People who complain just want attention.
And even if they don’t, what’s important for us to talk about is the fact that they’re complaining. DO NOT think about whatever it is that they’re complaining about.

6. George Bush does so care about Black people; after all, he hired two of them!
I have actually heard people say this.

7. It’s their own fault for not leaving New Orleans.
Remember, most Black people in the urban South have cars, gas, large savings accounts, insurance, credit cards with high limits, places to go and several weeks of vacation time that they can take whenever they want.

8. Repeat after me: "I have NO IDEA why a Black person who grew up in an impoverished, segregated environment and had been left to starve to death for five days surrounded by dead bodies wouldn’t trust a white guy running towards him with a gun."

Thursday, September 08, 2005

Why oh why does it take someone like Kanye West saying W. doesn't care about black people before a discussion on Race in America ensues?

I can't stand results of questioning the race factor, but being African American myself I can not deny how racism can be a factor in everyday life? How can the every day obstacles be overcome? Why does racism play a part in African American life? In my short 27 years in America I have faced open racism along with the gourmet racism. The overt racism being called the N*** word with emphasis on being negative. The N*** word alone doesn't particularly bother me but saying things with negative intention does. That being said It was definitely with the intent of being negative. As for the gourmet racism this is the racism that is hard to define but the effects are still the same. Like the white people that work for me sometimes believe that I am only in my position because of affirmative action. I can remember instances where I was the first AFAM manager some white people have dealt with. I can also remember being in University classes as the only AFAM student where instructers would often make quick negative comments. Just yesterday I heard a lady about 45 years old refer to some one as, "colored." You ask why does that matter? I know that about 40 or so years ago people were still facing segregation. All of those people that didn't like AFAMs didn't just dissapear. They all didn't change their opinions. I wonder is this the general rule or is this an exceptional situation?

The fact that Collin Powell was the first African American Secretary of the State and Dr Rice is the first African American woman to be in that position makes me question AAFAMs progress. I would concede that strides are being made in the way of race. Yes W. had something to do with that comming to pass. The fact that W. appointed the two into positions of authority does this clear him from being racist? (Don't get me wrong I don't particularly think he has the time to be racist) I don't know the man personally so I can't go for on side or the other. As the leader of democracy and the free world what kind of steps has America provided for these inequities or to show that racism will not be tolerated. America has not even come to grips with what the effects of the past has to do with today.

Is W. taking active strides to help the situation of AFAMs or are these extremes? As a leader I feel one of the jobs is to mitigate the extremes. After 9/11 we had people trained and ready to go in a war zone half way around the world. Is it extreme to expect relief within a few days in this country. As the storm happened News reporters were there. Why could't relief be their as well. A common knowledge in sales is that people use logic to say no and impulses to act.

I constantly ask myself when things like this happen, Is it the general rule that AFAMs are neglected? This is where the critical thinking comes into play. I would love to believe that racism did not have anthing to do with the lack of leadership or poor condition of AFAMs. It becomes a daunting task of explaining away all of the misunderstood life situations as being some rare instance of chance. The daunting task of explaining the condition of AFAMs is not an excuse to hate. If in the midst of catasrophy is not the time to discuss the situation then when is? Should Kanye have waited until everything was perfect? Whether or not Kanye was wrong or right? The question of America's plight to end racism is still floating.